Candie Cooper Instagram

Here is the newest installment of our continuing Candie Cooper how-to video series.  In this video Candie finds a great artistic use for all of those Instagram photos sitting in your phone.  She uses pastels to create this beautiful artwork inspired by the classic style of Andy Warhol.

As usual, Candie uses Sakura art products to create this fun project that is perfect for any age group.

Candie Cooper Batik

Once again we are honored to feature the newest Candie Cooper how-to video.  Candie's innovative talent shines as she creates a batik from paper, pastels, and watercolor. Traditionally, a batik is a cloth colored using a wax resist.  This video shows a batik method for any age or skill level.

Candie uses Sakura art products and a creative mind to craft this beautiful piece of art work that involves crumpling up the paper and drenching it in a watercolor bath.  Lots of fun!

Candie Cooper Watercolor Resist

We have had a great time filming and producing instructional videos for the the internationally recognized artist Candie Cooper who has made her home here in Wabash, IN. Candie works with an impressive variety of artistic mediums.

This video shows how to make a watercolor resist using Sakura art products. It's a great project and fun for all ages.  Stay tuned to see more instructional videos from Candie Cooper and Green Hat Productions.  

Wabash River Defenders 2013

"We all live downstream" is the motto of the Wabash River Defenders, a group of volunteers that come together each year to clean out the trash in the 19.2 mile stretch of the Wabash River in Wabash County, Indiana.  Through the dirt, mud, water, and trash - all that trash - we captured their 2013 river cleanup.  

The event organizers requested a short video that not only highlighted the selfless dedication and remarkable achievements of this group, but one that also grabbed the viewers' attention and inspired others to join in the fight as well.  Whether you're in Wabash, Washington, or Wagga Wagga, it is our hope that this video inspires you to make a difference where you live... because "we all live downstream."